Rams trade multiple picks to Titans for #1 overall pick

The NFL Draft picture was shaken up Thursday night when a blockbuster trade took place between two teams.

The Tennessee Titans, originally in line to pick #1 overall in this year’s draft, traded their pick to the Los Angeles Rams. As part of the deal, the Rams will also receive the Titans’ fourth and sixth round picks.

In exchange, the Titans will get the Rams’ #15 pick in the first round, as well as picks #43 (second round), #45 (second round), #76 (third round), as well as the Rams’ first and third round picks in the 2017 draft.

This 15-pick jump in the first round is the largest leap a team has ever made through trade to get to the first overall pick.

This move shakes up the entire NFL draft picture. Last year, the Titans drafted quarterback Marcus Mariota with the second overall pick, so they were not in need of a quarterback at pick #1. The Rams, however, currently have Nick Foles and Case Keenum as their top quarterbacks. With an obvious need at signal-caller, the Rams will likely draft a quarterback with their top pick.

According to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, the Rams are looking at North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz as their top choice.

Since the Rams are likely taking a quarterback at #1 overall, other teams with top picks will likely get a chance to draft the position players they want. If Tennessee was still drafting first, those top players might not be available since the Titans do not have a need at quarterback.

Even though the Titans are moving down to halfway through the first round, this trade now gives them six out of the first 76 in the draft and a great opportunity to continue building their team.

If your team is drafting early, this is good news for you.

This year’s draft will start on April 28 at 8:00 pm from Chicago.


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