A Rant

I don’t like to complain. I really don’t.

But sometimes issues that should not be problems become problems and I feel obligated to speak my mind.

I’ll be honest, I was not expecting to watch much of the Ravens game today against the Seahawks. I even tweeted before the game that I might not even watch it at all.

With a red-hot Seahawks team coming to town and Jimmy Clausen starting for the Ravens, I figured I would not be missing much if I decided not to watch. Nevertheless, I decided that I would at least watch the start of the game. Or at least I tried to.

Because I live on York, Pennsylvania, there are a number of games that could be shown in my area. The Ravens, Steelers, Eagles and Redskins are all fair-game. Today, it was the Steelers / Bengals game on CBS and the Redskins / Bears game on FOX. The Ravens were not on my local stations, so I decided to go on my Sunday Ticket App on my iPad to try to watch the game.

However, when I tried watching the game on my iPad, I got this message:

FullSizeRender (1)


So, in an attempt to get the game, I called DirecTV to talk to customer service. After spending about 5 minutes talking to a robot and being on hold for about 10 minutes, I finally talked to a human being who worked in customer service. They basically told me that “DirecTV is not responsible for the blackouts, the local stations want people to attend the games in-person rather than watch the games at home.”

That’s a load of bullshit.

The way Sunday Ticket works, or the way its SUPPOSED to work, is to provide users with a way to watch EVERY game that is not shown on their local channels. As I stated before, the games being shown on my local stations today are Steelers / Bengals and Redskins / Bears. Therefore, I SHOULD be able to watch the Ravens game. No questions asked.

I understand that I am contradicting myself when I said earlier that I did not want to watch the game, but I am paying $25 a month to get every out-of-market game, so when I do not get everything I am paying for, I get annoyed. I was also annoyed that the woman I spoke with told me that the local stations would rather have people attend the games than watch at home, because not everyone can afford to attend the games because of the ridiculous ticket prices. Not to mention paying for gas and the even more ridiculous food / beer prices. The fact that she used that as her reasoning was honestly insulting.

Not only am I not getting everything I am paying for, but the quality of the streaming is piss-poor. Some weeks are better than others, but this week has been especially bad with the lagging. It could be my internet connection at home, but even at school I experienced a lot of lagging issues with both Sunday Ticket and even MLB extra innings.

My advice: If you want these sports packages, it is best to get the full editions that DirecTV offers, but that is more expensive. But if you go with the wireless package, you’re most likely going to be dealing with a poor-quality product that constantly lags. You’re screwed either way, and like I’m dealing with today, there is always a chance that your local team will be blacked-out even if their game is not being shown on local TV.

I do not know what the solution is. All I know is that its 2015 and these issues should not be a problem anymore.

Rant over. Enjoy the rest of your NFL Sunday (that is, IF you even get the game you’re trying to watch).

UPDATE: Now, my Sunday Ticket app is not letting me watch the Oakland / Denver game. Apparently that one is “local” too. Dallas / Green Bay is the only game on TV right now.


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