WMCD 4/21/15 Preview

Hello readers,

As you may or may not have heard, tomorrow is a big day for WMCD.

That’s because tomorrow the April 21st edition of WMCD on WBUQ will have a special start time, 3:30, and will feature two call-ins.

Who is calling in, you ask?

The first caller is Baltimore Ravens reporter Garrett Downing, who will be joining us for 15 minutes to discuss a plethora of topics involving the Ravens. Want the inside scoop on the Ravens? What better way to get it than by listening to someone who works for them.

After a 15 minute break, WMCD will host a second caller, WNST Ravens and Orioles beat writer Luke Jones. This will be a 20 minute conversation that not only addresses the Ravens, but will address the Orioles as well. With the young Orioles season just getting started, this will be a great conversation that will surely answer many questions most Orioles fans have.

At 4:20, the show will go on as usual. There will be quick recap of the discussions and we will touch on anything we did not get to with the calls. After that, we will move on to other topics not involving the Ravens and Orioles until 4:50. I was not planning on having two callers in one day, but with the end of the semester two weeks away and planning around schedules this was the only time to do it during a live show. The final live show of the semester will be next Tuesday, April 28 at 4 PM.

To find out how to listen live, please go to WBUQ’s website.

If you think you will not be able to listen live, do not worry! The entire show will be uploaded to Soundcloud.

With that being said, who is ready for tomorrow’s show? I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am, and I hope you follow along and share this experience with me!

Thanks for reading,


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